Welcome to our website in which we want to share the passion for photography. For this reason we show a selection of our most outstanding images. Additionally some thoughts and links to other web sites handle photographical theory.

We, that is our family: Ines, me, and our son Leon.

Images shown on this website are available for sale: Color images are printed on an HP 8750 photoprinter at HP premium plus glossy paper. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research the durability of the images should be at least 100 years under normal environment conditions.

B&W images are normally selen toned baryt prints at double weighted paper (fiber based) with archival quality.

Please contact us using the contact form if you want to tell us your opinion about the images or want to buy one of the prints.

All images are under copyright and are not permitted to be used, stored, or distributed without permission.

In order to view the images right your monitor should be calibrated at least roughly. For details read the very good texts of Norman Koren.

Sun Woods
August 2008

Linhof Kardan E 9x12cm, Xenar 5.6/150mm, Fomapan 100 in Rodinal 1+40, N-1 Development

Waterfall (Switzerland-Klosters/Madrisa): August 2007

Bessa R, Color Skopar 21mm, Efke CHS25

Sunset (Germany-Zingst): August 2006

Sony F828

Elbe (Germany-Rathen): October 2006

Sony F828